Thayer Line starting around 1600 AD

Thomas and Margery
Ferdinando and Huldy
Isaac and Mary
Samuel and Keziah
Daniel and Bulah
Charles and Mehitable
Daniel C. and Sophronia [Bartlett]
Charles F. and Lois A.
Charles V. and Martha
Arthur G. and Eva R. {Leslie and Tacy [Gledhill] Smith}
William and Elaine
Kim and Richard Rankin
(around 2000 AD or more)

1. What is the average number of years in one generation for this line?

2. How much blood of Thomas Thayer could Kim Thayer claim to have?
(assume 50% of the father's blood is passed on in each generation)

Summer 2004 Vacation

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Thayer Reunion 1938

Thayer Reunion 1918

Arthur G. Thayer's Autobiography with Pictures

Arthur's Picture Album

Mary's Picture Album

Ruth's Picture Album

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