Arthur George Thayer

October 25, 1912 - June 28, 1983

Eulogy by

Susan Thayer

Thayer Coat Of Arms

Copyright © 1983 with all rights reserved by Susan Thayer


A Work Of Art

      . . . the being and essence of but one man that lived a lifetime, but a short period of our earthly existence . . . 71 years.

      A man, not unlike each of us, his legacy, that continually experienced life, developing, growing, changing, searching and learning new ways on his path to the Promised Land of his life.

      A man striving to refine himself. This is not only his "Work Of Art" that he penned on paper, but the work of a man becoming . . . the work of Art . . .

                                                The Promised Land . . . . . . . .

                                                written by a person who loves
                                                and admires Arthur George Thayer,
                                                            Susan Thayer


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