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Thomas Thayer

      A progenitor of a numerous offspring, by some said to be a distinct race from Richard, but it is not positively known as to the facts. Both families settled in the same town (Braintree, Mass.) about the same time. As the records show that the marriages of their children were recorded very near together and as many intermarriages have taken place, it would make them relatives. Thomas and Margery Thayer, it appears, brought with them from England three sons:_

      1. Thomas
      2. Ferdinando
      3. Shadrick _

      I think that must be all of his family, as in his will he mentions no others._

      The compiler of the Geneology of the Thayer family in America commenced looking up the records of the Thayer name in 1859, and first found that Richard and Thomas Thayer and their families were the two first and only families that ever came to America and settled. (I find no record of any other family.)_

      In all my correspondence I have not found a family or name but what has been traced to Richard or Thomas Thayer's families, and the first legal knowledge I have of their families is that Richard Thayer was admitted freeman in 1640, and Thomas Thayer was freeman and received title of land in 1636. From the best information I can get, they must have come with a Massachuetts colony, in 1630 or therabouts, as we find them with many other families that came from Braintree, Essex County, England, who named their new town the same as the one they left in England, and as a coat of arms was granted to the Thayer name in England, and I have a copy of it from Lincolnfield heraldic office as there recorded._

      The origin of the Thayer name is, as all surnames are, signified by the occupation followed by the person, as Smith, Sawyer, Cooper, etc., and others by the locality of the person, as Hill, Pond, etc., and others some personal peculiarity, as Strong, Brown, White, etc. Many others for some causes have the names of animals and birds for their surnames as Lyon, Fox, or Swan, etc. The word Thayer, as Judge Horace Matcalf's note to Dr. Elisha Thayer of Dedham, Mass., who had examined the English law reports on the subject of the Thayer name spelled in different ways in those reports: Thayer, Thear, Theyer, etc. The Thear is of German origin and in that language signifies an ox or a cow, or dealer in such, as I am told, consequently it seems probably that our ancesters took their surnames from the continent, and it is synonymous with a bullock in the English language. We do also know that England was over run by the Danes and Saxons one thousand years ago, more or less, and the counties of Kent and Essex on the east coast of England passed into the possessions of those marauders composed of intruders from the opposite coast. We next find a coat of arms conferred on Augustine Thayer of Thaydom, a small village in the county of Essex, and about eighteen miles north of London. We also know that our ancestors when coming to this country chose their residence in Braintree, Massachusetts._

Ferdinando Thayer
      Second son of Thomas and Margery married Huldy Hayword of Braintree, Mass., 14 Jan., 1652. He lived in Braintree until after his father's death, when he removed to Mendon, Mass. with a colony from Braintree and Waymouth, where many of their descendants (1873) now live._

      Children born in Braintree _
      1. Sarah born 12 day 3 mo., 1654 _
      2. Huldah born 16 day 4 mo., 1657 _
      3. Jonathan born 18 day 1 mo., 1658 _
      4. David born 20 day 4 mo., 1660 _ died 1 day 6 mo., 1674 _
      5. Naomi born 28 day 11 mo., 1662 _

      Children born in Mendon, Mass. are_
      6. Thomas
      7. Samuel
      8. Isaac
      9. Josiah baptized 17 Sept., 1677._died 29 Aug., 1678.
      10. Ebnezer _
      11. Benjamin _
      12. David 2,_


      Ferdinando Thayer, second son of Thomas and Margery Thayer, resided with his parents in Braintree, Mass. until after the death of his father, when he and others removed to a new plantation, called Nipmug, afterwards called Mendon, Worcester County, Mass. He was one of the largest proprietors of the said township: his residence or homestead was a little south of the present center of town, on the Providence Road: held many offices of honor in his town and commonwealth: was a man of wealth in his day and age of the world, and his sons were all provided with farms by him, and several of his sons became extensive land dealers, and many of their descendants occupy those farms to this day, and have never changed names in the title for over two hundred years. Six of his children were born in Mendon, Mass. The records were destroyed by King Phillips' war from 1666 to 1680 which is lost by that war._

      Mendon was first settled by the whites as a plantation in 1662 and continued in that union until 1667, when it was invested with town privileges by the general court of the commonwealth, and so remained until the breaking out of the Indian hostilities in 1675, when the settlement was broken up, the settlers flying to Braintree and Wamouth, where they stayed until 1679 or 1680 to Jnuary 3, 1680, after which date there is no interruption up to the present time, 1873._ Alexander H. Allen, Town Clerk of Mendon. _

Isaac Thayer

      Eighth child of Ferdinando and Huldy Thayer, married Marcy Ward, 1 day 2 mo., 1691 or 1692; settled in Mendon Mass. _

      Children are:_
      1. Mary born 2 Nov., 1693_
      2. Isaac born 24 Sept., 1695_
      3. Ebenezer born 6 Sept., 1697_
      4. Comfort born 19 Feb., 1700_

      Mrs. Marcy Ward died 18 Dec., 1700._

      Second wife Mary --- married 1703._
      Children are:_
      5. Mary 2nd born 22 Dec., 1704_
      6. John born 6 May, 1706_
      7. Nathaniel born 20 April, 1708_
      8. Moses born 10 May, 1710_
      9. Samuel born 1713_
      10. Joseph born 1715_
      11. Ichbod born 1721_

      Mrs.Isaac Thayer died 1730.


Ensign Samuel Thayer

      Ninth child of Isaac and Mary Thayer, married Keziah Patridge of Flranklin, Mass. 24 Dec., 1739 and settled in Mendon, Mass. A farmer._

      Children are_
      1. Timothy born 2 June, 1740_
      2. Phebe born 1743_
      3. Keziah born 1745_
      4. Nathan born Nov., 1747_
      5. Malatia born Nov., 1750_
      6. Levi born 1752_
      7. Abigail born 1755_
      8. Esther born 1756_ died aged 6 months._
      9. Daniel born 1758_

      Mrs. Keziah Thayer died in 1758,_

      Second wife, Sarah Robinson, married 30 August, 1759. _

      Children are:_
      10. Joel born 23 Aug., 1761_
      11. Samuel born Sept., 1763_
      12. Simeon born 25 May, 1765_


Daniel Thayer

      Ninth child of Samuel and Hannah Thayer, married Bulah Corbit of Milford, Mass., 17 August, 1777 and settled in Westmoreland, N. H. Farmer. Removed to Orange, Mass. spring of 1780._

      Children are:_
      1. Polly born 1779_
      2. Mary born 1780_
      3. Charles born 14 Aug., 1782_
      4. Preston born 1784_
      5. Mennetha born 1786_
      6. Gardner born 27 Jan., 1789_
      7. Daniel born 22 June, 1791_
      8. Hepsibah born 1793_
      9. Lewis born 5 Nov., 1795_
      10. Corbit born 1798_
      11. Esther born 1800_
      12. Carlton born 10 Nov., 1802_

      Mrs. David Thayer returned to Westmoreland some few years before his death. He died in 1835._


Charles Thayer

      Third child of Daniel and Bulah Thayer, married Mehitable Brown 14 Aug., 1803 and settled in Barnot, Vt., afterwards removed to Bloomfield, Ohio in 1814. Farmer._

      Children born in both places are:_
      1. Polly born July, 1804_
      2. Joseph born 4 Aug., 1806_
      3. Daniel C. born 24 Aug., 1808_
      4. Bulah C. born 24 Aug., 1810_
      5. Ira born 12 Oct., 1812_
      6. Angelina born 13 Oct., 1813_
      7. Charles born 2 Apr., 1816_
      8. Hiram born 22 Apr. 1818_
      9. Lorenze born 15 July, 1819_ died age 4 years_
      10. Clarisa born 12 Oct., 1820_
      11. Dow born 10 Nov. 1823_ died young_
      12. George born 14 Feb., 1825_
      13. Sarah_

      Mr. Charles Thayer died 23 Jan., 1866 in Sheffield, Ashtabula Co., Ohio_


Daniel C. Thayer

      Third child of Charles and Mehitable Thayer, Married Sophronia Barlett 1st Oct., 1835 and settled in Bloomfield, Ohio and in 1849 removed to Ashtabula Co., Ohio, and in 1854 removed to Pine Twp., Pa., address, Linesville, Crawford Co., Pa.

      Children born at different places are:_
      1. Nancy S. born 6 July, 1836_
      2. Charles F. born 16 Aug., 1837_
      3. Pluma A. born 21 June, 1839_
      4. William born 14 Nov. 1840_ died 22 Nov., 1856_
      5. Mariah L. born 5 Mar., 1842_
      6. Solon C. born 21 Aug., 1843_
      7. Sylva S. born 20 Aug., 1845_
      8. Daniel C. born 20 May, 1847_
      9. Sarah P. born 23 Mar., 1850_
      10. Mary born 23 Mar., 1850_
      11. Olive M. born 25 Feb., 1852_
      12. Parker M. born 23 Dec., 1853_
      13. Henry C. born 19 Sept., 1860_


Charles F. Thayer

      Second child of Daniel C. and Sophronia Thayer, married Lois A. Irons Aug. 1867 of Linesville, Pa., afterwards moved to Shermansville, then to Atlantic, Crawford County, Pa. Miss Lois A. Irons was born 3 of October, 1848 in Conneaut Twp._

      Children are_
      1. Cleon O. born 22 Aug., 1869_
      2. Nellie R. born 28 Feb., 1871_
      3. Lou V. born 15 Jan., 1873_
      4. Myrna K. born 3 Oct. 1875_
      5. Lois M. born 25 July, 1877_
      6. Charles V. born 12 Mar. 1880_
      7. Cressie E. born 25 July, 1882_ died 12 Nov., 1883_
      8. Creston I. born 29 Dec., 1884_
      9. Leo C. born 15 Jan., 1888_
      10. K. Merl born 15 Aug. 1890_
      11. A. Dow born 20 Nov., 1891_

      Mrs. Lois A. Thayer died February 17, 1918 in Greenville, Pa. Buried at Linesville, Pa. Mr. Charles F. Thayer died January 5, 1933 at Atlantic, Pa. Buried at Linesville, Pa.


Cleon Thayer
First child of Charles F. and Lois A. Thayer, married Nellie S. Stevens 13 Nove., 1889. Settled in Atlantic, Pa. Miss Nellie Stevens was born 26 July, 1869. in Conneaut Township, Crawford County, Pa._

      Children are;_
      l. Paul L. born 9 Nov., 1897_

      Nellie S. Thayer died December 12th, 1921. Buried at Linesville, Pa. Cleon Thayer married Elizabeth. Cleon Thayer died August 27, 1946. Buried at Linesville, Pa._


Nellie R. Thayer

      Second child of Charles F. and Lois A. Thayer, married R. H. Duncon of Atlantic, Pa., 20 Dec. 1893, by Reverend Esty. Settled in Meadville, Pa. Insurance agent.

      Children are:_
      1. Max born 27 June, 1895_
      2. Paul born 21 March, 1899_

      Nellie R. Duncan died 18 March, 1845. Buried at Rocky Glen, age 74 years._


Lou V. Thayer

      Third child of Charles F. and Lois A. Thayer, married Miss Rose R. Reader 1 June 1893, settled in Atlantic, Pa. A telegraph operator. Miss Rose Reader born 25 Sept., 1873 in Cleveland, Ohio.

      Children are:
      1. Myrtle born 15 Jan., 1894
      2. Franklin F. born 1 Jan., 1897
      3. Easton B. born 22 Mar., 1899
      4. Stella M. born 19 Sept., 1900
      5. Helen R. born 1 Aug., 1911 - Died 4 July, 1912

      Mrs. Myrtle Thayer married Howard H. Hays of Karnard, Pa. 1910. mrs. L.V. Thayer died March 24th 1935 in Oil City, Pa. hospital and buried at Rocky Glen, Adamsville, Pa. Mr. L.V. Thayer died October 14, 1940. Same.


Myrna R. Thayer

      Fourth child of Charles F. and Lois A. Thayer, married W.C. McMillen of Atlantic, Pa. 20 Nov., 1901 by Rev. Silsly. Settled in Atlantic, Crawford Co., Pa. Farmer. Children are:
      1. Dorothy Evelyn born 17 Nov. 1902
      2. Howard Lyall born 16 Dec. 1905

      Myrna McMillen died June 6, 1940, buried at Rocky Glenn. Roy Ferrin (Dorothy's husband) died April 6, 1942.


Lois M. Thayer

      Fifth child of Charles F. and Lois A. Thayer, not married. Lois died May 17th, 1945 and buried at Linesville, Pa., age 68.


Charles V. Thayer

      Sixth child of Charles F. and Lois A. Thayer, married Martha Sarah Balli 22 May, 1910, express messenger. Mrs. Martha Sarah Thayer was born 10 Jan. 1885 in Pickins, W. Va. Charles V. died October 9, 1951 and buried in the Caladonia Celetary, Spruce, Michigan. Martha S. died on September 20, 1956, Battle Creek, Michigan and buried with her husband at Spruce, Michigan.

      Children are:
      1. Arthur George born 25 Oct., 1912
      2. Vance born 23 July,1914 - died
      3. --- born 18 July, 1916 - stillborn
      4. Mary Elisabeth born 2 Oct., 1921
      5. Ruth Velma born 28 May, 1928


Creston I. Thayer

      Eigth child of Charles F. and Lois A. Thayer. Went to Silica, W. Va. April 18, 1905, married Lydia I. Isch 27 March, 1907. Miss Lydia I. Isch was born 5 May, 1881 in Pickens, W. Va. Creston died June 11, 1950, age 65.

      Children are:
      1. Earl A. born 15 Jan., 1908
      2. Claude A. born 13 Nov., 1909
      3. Henry I. born 19 Oct., 1912


Leo C. Thayer

      Ninth child of Charles F. and Lois A. Thayer, married Miss Pearl Bean 1 Sept., 1907. Miss Pearl Bean was born 9 September, 1886. Present location in Monessen, Pa. Express agent.

      Children are:
      1. Otto Howard born 29 Jan., 1909 - Died March 2 1922
      2. Martha born 15 Jan., 1911 - Died Sept. 11, 1912
      3. Mary - - Died 15 Jan., 1911
      4. Arnold born 23 Mar., 1913
      5. Charles Issac

      Leo C. Thayer married Bell Ralston of Atlantic, Pa. Leo C. Thayer died Jan 5, 1944 and buried at Conneaut Lake, Pa. age 56.


K. Merl Thayer

      Tenth child of Charles F. and Lois A. Thayer, married Sadie Thompson 22 December, 1909 of Franklin, Pa. Miss Sadie Thompson was born 9 February, 1889. Settled in Oil City. A chauffeur. (They were divorced around 1920 and Merl married Ida.)

      Children are: 1. K. Merl, Jr. born 15 July 1910


Arthur Down Thayer

      Eleventh child of Charles F. and Lois A. Thayer, not married. (A.D. Thayer married Jean Hazen Hartetown, Pa.) A.D. Thayer died August 13, 1976.

      Children are:
      1. Richard Wallace died in '81 near Pgh., Pa.
      2. Arthur Hazen born November 29, 1923


Arthur George Thayer

      First child of Charles V. and Martha S. Thayer married Eva R. Smith on July 28, 1940 at East Lansing, Michigan. Arthur G. died in early June of 1983.

      Children are:
      1. William Vance born April 17, 1942
      2. Jean Rebecca born August 14, 1944
      3. Ted Chris born May 29, 1948
      4. Susan Marie born April 25, 1954


William V. Thayer


Kim Marie [Thayer] Rankin


Bailee Rebekah Rankin

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