Our Promised Land

Thayer Letter


Arthur G. Thayer

Thayer Coat Of Arms

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*Mr. and *Mrs. C. V. *Thayer


Father C. F. *Thayer

January 21, 1914


I am indebted to General *Bazaleel *Thayer, the
compiler of the Genealogy of the *Thayer family in
America in 1873, for all of these records down to
that date; after which I have been as careful to
get the names and dates as accurate as it was
possible for me to do, and I present this record
to my children believing that it will be a source
of pleasure to them and a convenience in keeping a
record of their several families.


C. F. *Thayer

January 9th, 1914.

                      Other Chapters

                        1.     Atlantic
                        2.     Silica
                        3.     Oil City
                        4.     Boat Trip
                        5.     Chris's Home
                        6.     Hubbard Lake
                        7.     Hunting and Fishing
                        8.     Our Farm
                        9.     Schools
                      10.     The Depression and the 30's
                      11.     Michigan State University
                      12.     Jobs
                      13.     Our Home
                      14.     Boating
                      15.     Trips
                      16.     The Tropics
                      17.     With The Kids
                      18.     It Is Written



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